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Progressive Holiness Church of
Greensboro 2020 Service Dates

Start Times: Sunday Afternoon Services at 4 PM

**Subject to change**

·          January 19th: Usher Anniversary

·          February 23rd: Missionary Anniversary

·          March 15th: Building Fund

Holy Week Services:

April 5th - April 12th

Tuesday April 7th:

Service at 8 pm

Tuesday April 9th:

Maundy Thursday at 8pm

Friday April 10th:

Noonday Prayer at 12 Noon
Seven Last Sayings at 8pm

Sunday April 12th:

Easter Service at 4PM

April 25th: Youth Explosion at 2 pm at True Deliverance Apostolic Church (Saturday)

May 10th: Mother’s Day Dinner

May 16th – May 17th: Richmond Church Anniversary

June 12th - June 14th: Revival

June 21st: Father's Day Dinner

July 19th: Building Fund Service

July 24th - 28th: General Assembly - Hempstead, N.Y.

August 16th: Choir Anniversary

September 13th: Pastor’s Anniversary

September 26th: Youth Workshop in Richmond, Va. (Saturday)

October 3rd: Greensboro’s 22nd Church Anniversary (Saturday)  

October 7th: Prophetic Ministries Church Anniversary (Wednesday)

November 6th – November 8th: Fall Council -  Durham, NC

November 15th: Women’s Day Service

November 22nd: Thanksgiving Dinner

November 26th: Thanksgiving Service

December 18th: Christmas Service

December 20th: Christmas Dinner

December 31: Watch Night Service (Tuesday)

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