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Progressive Holiness Church of Greensboro, NC Church History 

Progressive Holiness Church was started in 1964 in Hempstead, NY under the late Bishop H.L. Brown. Through much prayer and dedication to the Lord’s will, there are now four church’s within the organization, with the latest being here in Greensboro, NC under the guidance of Pastor Parks. Pastor Parks was pricked in heart during his first visit to Progressive Holiness church. He had never seen people shouting and praising God and he was compelled by God to return. Under the guidance and teaching of the late Bishop H.L. Brown, Pastor Parks tarried on the altar and was filled with the Holy Ghost in July of 1992. After a few years of teaching under the late Bishop H.L. Brown he was ordained a junior deacon in Progressive Holiness Church in Hempstead, NY. Soon after, he was called to start a work for the Lord in Greensboro, NC. In 1998 Pastor Parks left all that he knew in NY and moved to Greensboro, NC. On October 4, 1998 the doors of Progressive Holiness Church in Greensboro were opened for service. For twelve years Pastor and Mother Parks have worked tirelessly for the Lord by encouraging and praying for his people and preaching the whole word of God.

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